Spectrum Polycrystalline Modules

The Bisol Spectrum polycrystalline silicon module is designed and manufactured in Europe. The colored modules offer excellent performance even in low light conditions.

PID-free and exclusively positive output power tolerances – available in various colours: rustic red, pine green, charcoal grey, marble pink, marble grey, marble gold, charming purpble, marble green and olive green.

Equipped with all relevant certificates and an extremely low degradation. Includes 25 year linear warranty.

Mechanical Specification

Lenght x Width x ThicknessBMU: 1,649 mm x 991 mm x 35 mm  /
BSU (Solrif®): 1,692 mm x 1,016 mm x 29 mm
WeightBMU: 18.3 kg
BSU (Solrif®): 18.4 kg
Solar Cells60 multi c-Si in series / 156 mm x 156 mm (6+”)
Cell Colour PatternSingle-shade or multi-shade (Marble)
Junction Box / ConnectorsThree bypass diodes / MC4 compatible / IP67
FrameStandard frame (anodized AL with drainage holes and
rigid anchored corners) or BIPV (Solrif®) frame
Frame ColourAny RAL colour code, black or silver
Back Sheet ColourBlack, white or transparent
Glass3.2 mm glass with anti-reflective coating / tempered / high-transparency / low-iron content
PackagingBMU: 30 modules per pallet / stackable 3 pallets high
BSU (Solrif®): 24 modules per pallet / stackable 2 pallets high
Certified Nominal Load (snow/wind)BMU: 5,400 Pa / 2,400 Pa 
BSU (Solrif®): 2,400 Pa / 2,400 Pa
Impact resistanceHailstone / Φ 25 mm / 83 km/h (51 mph) 

All unspecified tolerances are ± 5 %. Unspecified product properties remain under full discretion of BISOL.

Electrical specifications @ STC (AM 1.5, 1,000 W/m2, 25 °C):

Module Type (BMU or BSU)255280*
Maximum Power PMPP [W]255280
Short Circuit Current ISC [A]8.859.50
Open Circuit Voltage VOC [V]38.939.7
MPP Current IMPP [A]8.459.10
MPP Voltage VMPP [V]30.230.8
Solar Cell Efficiency ɳC [%]17.518.9
Module Efficiency ɳM [%]15.617.1
Power Output Tolerance0+5W (Rustic Red) / ± 3 % (other colours)
Maximum Reverse Current   18 A
Maximum System Voltage1,000 V (Application Class A)

Power classes vary depending on colour. │ Efficiency at irradiation 200 W/m2: 99.3 % of STC efficiency or higher. │ Power measurement tolerance: ± 3 %.  │ *Available only for BISOL Spectrum Rustic Red.

Thermal Specifications:


Current Temperature Coefficient α+ 0.049 %/K
Voltage Temperature Coefficient ß– 0.31 %/K
Power Temperature Coefficient γ– 0.40 %/K
Temperature range-40 °C to + 85 °C

All unspecified tolerances are ± 5 %. Unspecified product properties remain under full discretion of BISOL.