With the growing importance of climate protection, the demand for alternative energies is growing. Solar energy, wind energy, but also other renewable energies bring new career opportunities for engineers and skilled workers. Many professions in this field are already convincing with an attractive starting salary for graduates. The job exchange for alternative energies informs about current jobs everywhere in Germany.

Alternative energies – a broad spectrum

The resources of fossil fuels, which include lignite, hard coal and mineral oil, will eventually be exhausted. This leads to an increasing demand for renewable energies. Another factor that is making alternative energies increasingly important is climate protection. The last nuclear power plant in Germany is scheduled to go off the grid in 2022. Coal-fired power plants emit too much CO2 into the air. By 2025, 45 percent of the electricity consumed is to come from alternative energies. Alternative energies do not cause CO2 and leave no nuclear waste behind. They are inexhaustible and can slow down climate change. Such alternative energies are

hydropower, which is used to generate electricity in run-of-river and storage power plants
biomass from plant and animal substances such as manure, maize, rape, sunflowers or biowaste
Sunlight that is converted into electricity in photovoltaic systems – Wind that is converted into electricity in wind turbines
Geothermal energy as heat stored in the earth’s crust.

The various alternative energies will continue to gain in importance in the future. This applies in particular to wind energy, which had the highest share of alternative electricity generated in 2017 with 48.9 percent, solar energy with a share of 18.3 percent and biomass with a share of 15 percent of alternative electricity generated in 2017.

Job situation with alternative energies in Germany

The growing importance of alternative energies is leading to new job profiles and completely new career opportunities in the energy production sector. Relatively new is the Renewable Energies programme, which offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. The salary is correspondingly attractive and can be above-average even for young professionals. A study carried out in 2016 showed that the starting salary after completing a Master’s degree in renewable energies already averaged 35,100 euros per year. The study showed that even ten years after graduation, 90 percent of graduates still had a job. With 37 percent, the majority of the graduates of a renewable energies course are active in the field of education and research. Further opportunities arise in industry, agriculture and the service sector. Currently, about 350,000 people are employed in Germany in the field of alternative energies, and the number is rising. Apart from engineers for renewable energies, other professions are in demand:

  • Specialist agronomist for renewable energies with responsibility for the operation and monitoring of biogas plants, biomass heating plants and biofuel plants
  • Specialist in water supply technology with responsibility for machines and systems for water conveyance, water treatment and forwarding
  • Specialist in solar technology with a focus on the sale of solar systems
  • Water management engineer with development of concepts for water protection and planning of facilities for the extraction, treatment, distribution, storage and disposal of water – climate protection manager with coordination of municipal activities and projects for climate protection
  • Service technician for wind turbine technology with maintenance and repair of wind turbines – Solar technician with calculation, planning and construction of solar systems for water heating and electricity generation
  • Technician for environmental protection with a focus on renewable energies
  • Technician for wind energy technology with planning, organization and control of the assembly, disassembly, maintenance and repair of wind turbines.

In addition, there are various other professions in the field of alternative energies. As the job exchange on the Internet shows, specialists in this sector are sought everywhere in Germany. The expansion of renewable energies also benefits people in structurally weak regions. Wind and solar parks are being set up that offer new job opportunities. Wind energy with its significant potential is an important job engine.

Previous knowledge for jobs in the field of alternative energies

If you are looking for a job in the field of alternative energies, you do not always have to have a degree as an engineer, master or bachelor, as the various professions show. Some jobs require a degree in science, a degree as a state-certified technician, skilled worker training or further education. Various further training courses are regulated by the Chamber of Crafts or the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Career starters can find various jobs as working students via the job exchange and become fit for future tasks.

Free job exchange for alternative energies

The job exchange for alternative energies is available on the Internet free of charge and without obligation. You can find out about interesting jobs and get an overview, but you can also send your applications to potential employers. If you would like to carry out a targeted job search, you can enter your job title and the desired location in the input fields of the job exchange. The job exchange is constantly updated so that you can always find the latest job offers.